Ben Eoin Yacht Club

Ben Eoin Yacht Club has 75 berths (68 slips and 7 visitors berths), making it the largest marina on the Bras d’Or Lakes. The new Ben Eoin Yacht Club & Marina is located on the south shore of the East Bay of the Bras d’Or Lakes, a 25 minute drive from downtown Sydney, Cape Breton Island. Guests can relax in our clubhouse, sit on the deck overlooking the marina and lakefront or watch TV, check their email or surf the web in the clubhouse lounge. You can even book a round of golf at the neighbouring 18 hole championship golf course, The Lakes Golf Club, one of Graham Cooke’s world class designs featuring stunning views of the Bras d’Or Lakes.

The Bras d’Or Lakes

Known as the “great inland sea,” the Bras d’Or Lakes cover 450 square miles, making it the largest inland salt water lake in the world. The Bras d’Or Lakes has a reputation as being one of the greatest sailing destinations in the world. Either as a must stop over enroute to ports beyond or as a destination to spend several weeks cruising the lakes, the Bras d’Or Lakes enjoy the pleasure of welcoming many sailing vessels each year.

The renowned Cruising Club of America was first formed on the Bras d’Or Lakes in Maskell’s Harbour. They continue to host regular flotilla’s travelling from a variety of ports throughout North America making their way up the coast to cruise the Bras d’Or’s.

The Lakes generally offer friendly SW prevailing winds with a mild saltwater spray off your bow. The deep, soft bottom coves and harbours are endless for safe overnight anchorage. Land is always in sight in these fog free waters. There are several marinas and related ports situated around the Lakes where all your provision and boating needs can be met. For more information about the Lakes “Cruising Cape Breton” is a must read.

The Island

Cape Breton Island is renowned for it’s hospitality, music, food, and cultural experiences. The Island also has world class recreation facilities, most notably the famous Highland Links Golf course on the Cabot Trail and the Margaree River for the salmon fisherman.

While much has been written about our Island and we encourage you to take a moment to connect to some of the links on the contact page, in simplest terms our Cape Breton was best described by one of our most famous residents, Alexander Graham Bell when he was quoted as saying:

“I have travelled the globe. I have seen the Canadian and American Rockies, the Andes and the Alps and the highlands of Scotland, but for simple beauty, Cape Breton outrivals them all.”




  • 75 berths
  • Travel Lift (20 ton) and outdoor yard storage available.
  • Majority of berths can accommodate up to 40-foot vessels. Accommodations are available for larger vessels in the approximate range of 75 to 100 feet (subject to draft restriction of 3.5 m / ~10 feet depth including entrance from Lake).
  • Boat ramp designed to launch vessels of any length with draft up to 8 feet.
  • Fuel dock (approx 90 feet) designed to accommodate pull up fuelling and pump out.
  • Electrical hook up available to all berths (15, 30, 60 amp).
  • Fresh water hook up available to all berths.
  • Shower & washroom facilities.
  • Washer/dryer laundry facilities.
  • On site boat compound for summer/winter storage.
  • Regular launch and pull out services available for on-site summer storage boats.
  • External ramps/docks for sailing school boats.
  • Members and guest lounge area (reading, TV, etc.) in clubhouse.
  • Short and long term on site parking for member’s and guest’s vehicles.
  • Designated parking areas for boat trailers in connection with daily launch.
  • Wi-Fi Internet service in clubhouse and at docks.
  • VHF access—marina monitors channels 16 and 68.
  • Daily posted weather reports.
  • Complementary use of cart/wagon for transport of goods and supplies to vessel.
  • Fuel service including gas and diesel at fuel dock.
  • Mast crane for maintenance use at fuel dock.
  • Overall it is the Ben Eoin Yacht Club Board’s responsibility to operate a full service marina facility with the exception of boat repair. We welcome any suggestions or comments so that we can continuously improve the club’s facilities and services.


  • Marina basin (water) encompasses approx 6 acres.
  • Overall site is 14 acres.
  • Water depth including entrance from lake— 3.5 m / ~10 feet
  • Marina docks – wide (8 feet) and stable main run ways in a noise free dock structure with tapered /stable/fendered docks for ease of docking and boarding vessels.
  • Max tidal range 1ft


  • Corporate & Membership Events
  • Junior Sailing Lessons

Board of Directors

Our Board members bring different experience professionally and are very committed to facilitating programs and events for BEYC.

2021 Board of Directors

Commodore – Ray Campbell

Past Commodore – Mike Gillis

Treasurer – Sandy MacNeill

Secretary – Nancy Sullivan

Chair of the House – Pat O’Shea

Junior Sailing – Bryan MacDougall

Dock Master – Bernard MacDougall

Janet Ley Crocker

Lindsey MacIntosh



Project History

Project History

The idea for a marina at Ben Eoin was borne out of the efforts of a group of community minded individuals who sought to expand upon the existing recreational amenities that already existed in this rural cottage country community. The marina itself was completed in November of 2012.

2011 – Ben Eoin Marina founded

Building on the vision to establish a world-class recreation facility together with enhancing the potential economic potential of the Bras d’ors, partnering with Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation, the not-for-profit entity known as Ben Eoin Marina Ltd. was put into action.
Scope of the project includes the development of a 76 berth Marina situated on 14 acres of land located immediately across Route #4 highway from the Ben Eoin Ski Hill and The Lakes Golf Course.
The governance structure of Ben Eoin Marina Limited is made up of nine volunteer Directors, each of whom bring a required level of experience and community perspective required to see this project to completion. The Board includes representatives from both The Lakes Golf Club as well as Ski Ben Eoin in keeping with the intended strategy of establishing a Governance structure that will directly connect each of the existing recreation facilities and coordinate and manage the continued future growth of the larger goal – a world class recreation destination.

2010 – Golf Course Opened

Renowned architect Graham Cooke teed off #1 to open The Lakes 18-hole golf course, which has by all accounts met and exceeded everyone’s expectation.
Shortly after its opening, a renewed group of volunteers turned focus back to the Marina project.
With changes to environmental laws relative to boaters together with an updated assessment of overall facilities and needs in an effort to better utilize the Bras d’Ors, the need for some form of Marina facility situated along the East Bay arm of the Lakes became more predominant.

Early 1990s – Marina and Golf Course Concept Born

Efforts began to construct a world-class golf course and Marina facility immediately adjacent to the existing ski hill. Originally, the plan was to build an 18-hole golf course and marina at the same time; however, the golf project itself exhausted much of the funds and efforts that were available.
The overall vision was to work to establish a fully integrated, multi-faceted recreation facility which would realize the full potential of the unique world-class destination. Big dream, big goal.
However, as the golf project began to take shape the organizers recognized that the reach for a marina at that point in time proved to be too much to soon. Having regard to the size and costs associated with establishing a world-class standard golf course, all energies were directed to that specific project.

Early 1970s – Ben Eoin Ski Hill founded

Long a recreation destination for campers, boaters, hikers, and cyclists, Ben Eoin was the perfect site for a ski hill developed by a group of volunteers.