Learn to Sail at BEYC

Our Junior Sailing program is designed for new and returning sailors ages 8-16, who are looking to get comfortable on the water. A BEYC membership is not a prerequisite for participating in the program. Our goal is to give the participants a love, appreciation and respect for sailing and the water. We concentrate on keeping learning fun, in a safe environment. Youth that attend the Junior Sailing Program learn to work as part of a team, gain valuable leadership skills and increased self-confidence.

If you have never sailed before, or if you want to improve your sailing skills, these courses will develop your confidence and ability. Classes are kept small and stress the practical approach to training with as much on-the-water practice as possible.

Our instructors are certified by the Canadian Yachting Association and provide instruction in CANSail 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 levels


CANSail 1

CANSail 1 introduces the student to sailing and covers safety, seamanship, rigging and basic boat handling under instructor direction. In wind speeds of 4-9 knots (8-15 km/hr).

CANSail 2

CANSail 2 teaches nautical terminology and additional seamanship and boat handling skills under instructor direction. This level completes the training to give the student the minimum knowledge and skills a sailor requires to sail safely and competently without supervision in wind speeds of 4-9 knots.

Sailing School Schedule

Session 1 July 9th – 20th    Cansail 1-4 #1
Session 2 July 2nd – July 6th    Sailing and Golf Adventure Combo Camp
Session 3 July 10th – Aug 21st     Women’s Learn to Sail (evenings)
Session 4 July 12th – Aug 23rd     Youth Evening Sailing
Session 5 July 23rd – Aug 3rd    Cansail 1-4 #2
Session 6 Aug 13th – Aug 24th    Cansail 1-4 #3
Session 7 Aug 27th – Aug 30th    Level Completion / Focused Learning

Registration Information 2018

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR 2018 SEASON! Here is the link to learn more about our 2018 dates:
https:// beneoinjrsailing.checklick.com
Children must be 8 as of December 31, 2018 to participate.
For more information on the Jr. Sailing program please email:
BEYC board member & Junior Sailing Coordinator:
Bryan MacDougall

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